C binding

The main goal of the C binding was to more easily allow creating bindings to other languages, however it is still usable for C programmers. There are currently no tutorials or documentation available for this binding.

Please note that both the binding and TGUI 0.8 are still under development and may change at any time.

Download and install

Download source code

You need to have SFML and CSFML 2.4 installed.

You will have to use CMake in order to build the c library. A tutorial with screenshots will be written in the future.

Precompiled libraries will be added in the future as well.

Example code

#include <CTGUI/CTGUI.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void func()
    printf("Button clicked\n");

void main()
    sfVideoMode videoMode = {400, 300, 32};
    sfRenderWindow* window = sfRenderWindow_create(videoMode, "CTGUI example", sfDefaultStyle, NULL);

    tguiGui* gui = tguiGui_createFromWindow(window);

    tguiWidget* button = tguiButton_create();
    tguiGui_add(gui, button, U"MyButton");

    tguiButton_setText(button, U"Hello");

    sfVector2f position = {40, 30};
    tguiWidget_setPosition(button, position);

    sfVector2f size = {200, 40};
    tguiWidget_setSize(button, size);

    const char* error;
    tguiWidget_connect(button, "pressed", func, &error);
    assert(error == NULL);

    while (sfRenderWindow_isOpen(window))
        sfEvent event;
        while (sfRenderWindow_pollEvent(window, &event))
            if (event.type == sfEvtClosed)

            tguiGui_handleEvent(gui, event);

        sfRenderWindow_clear(window, sfBlack);