Xcode (precompiled framework)

TGUI 0.7 is no longer supported, use a newer TGUI version instead.

Tip: The sfml example comes with a resourcePath() function which you have to put before the paths to load resources. You can use tgui::setResourcePath(resourcePath()) at the beginning of your program so that everything tgui loads starts with that folder.

Installing the library

In order to install the library, just copy the framework to the /Library/Frameworks folder.

Using TGUI

All you need to do to use it is dragging the TGUI framework into your project.

XCode drag framework

A screen like below will appear where you normally don't need to change anything, just hit "Finish". The "Copy items if needed" can remain unchecked, but it doesn't matter if it is checked.

XCode add framework