TGUI  v0.5.2
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 oCAnimatedPictureLoad multiple images and add then behind each other to create a simple animation or even a movie
 oCChildWindowMovable Panel with title bar
 |\CAlignmentThe text alignment
 |\CLayoutThe layout of the object
 oCGroupParent struct for objects that store multiple objects
 oCOBJECTThe parent struct for every object
 oCOBJECT_BORDERSParent struct for every object that has borders
 oCOBJECT_ANIMATIONParent object for all objects that need to access the internal clock of the window
 oCCallbackWhen you receive an action callback from an object then this struct will be passed as parameter
 oCPanelA static group of objects. The background color can be solid or transparent
 oCSpriteSheetLoad one big image and split it into smaller images so that you can display tiles or play an animation