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tgui::WidgetBorders Class Referenceabstract

Parent class for every widget that has borders. More...

#include <Widget.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tgui::WidgetBorders:
tgui::ChatBox tgui::ChildWindow tgui::ComboBox tgui::EditBox tgui::ListBox tgui::TextBox tgui::MessageBox

Public Member Functions

 WidgetBorders ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~WidgetBorders ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void setBorders (unsigned int leftBorder=0, unsigned int topBorder=0, unsigned int rightBorder=0, unsigned int bottomBorder=0)=0
 Changes the size of the borders. More...
virtual Borders getBorders () const
 Returns the size of the borders as a tgui::Borders. More...

Detailed Description

Parent class for every widget that has borders.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tgui::WidgetBorders::WidgetBorders ( )

Default constructor.

virtual tgui::WidgetBorders::~WidgetBorders ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual Borders tgui::WidgetBorders::getBorders ( ) const

Returns the size of the borders as a tgui::Borders.

border sizes

The first element will be the size of the left border, the seconds is the size of the top border, the third is the size of the right border and the the last constains the size of the bottom border.

virtual void tgui::WidgetBorders::setBorders ( unsigned int  leftBorder = 0,
unsigned int  topBorder = 0,
unsigned int  rightBorder = 0,
unsigned int  bottomBorder = 0 
pure virtual

Changes the size of the borders.

leftBorderSize of the left border
topBorderSize of the top border
rightBorderSize of the right border
bottomBorderSize of the bottom border

Implemented in tgui::ListBox, tgui::ChatBox, tgui::ComboBox, tgui::ChildWindow, tgui::EditBox, and tgui::TextBox.

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