The first released version (v0.3.0)

Screenshot v0.3.0

Of course the background color of the listbox didn’t fit with the Black style.
By the time v0.3.4 was released, this was solved and a scrollbar and combo box were added.

Screenshot v0.3.4

TGUI v0.4 also adds a Label and TextBox to this. Other new objects like the Panel and SpriteSheet objects are however not in the screenshots. Also the blue color was changed to look better.

Screenshot v0.4 Black

TGUI v0.4 also comes with the new BabyBlue style (which is copied from Michael Donovan’s UI Kit)

Screenshot v0.4 BabyBlue

With TGUI v0.4 came the Form Builder, so you could easily arrange your objects.
I was recording while making this login screen, so you can find it on youtube.

Screenshot Form Builder v0.2

One of the many new items included in v0.5 are the child windows.

Screenshot v0.5 Child Windows

For v0.6 I rewrote a lot of stuff so I needed to test all objects again. For this I wrote a program that used all objects.

Screenshot v0.6 Full Example

Objects can now be transparent!

Screenshot v0.6 Transparency