TGUI 0.7.4 (3 April 2017)

  • Theme and widget file parser now provides line number on error
  • Scrollbar in ListBox remained in hover state until mouse left the ListBox
  • The position of TextBox could be wrong when using layouts
  • Fixed incorrect clipping when the viewport was changed
  • Optional parameter from Checked/Unchecked signal could have been wrong

TGUI 0.7.3 (9 February 2017)

  • Added create function to widgets and Theme which is now the preferred way to construct them
  • Added setDefaultTextStyle to EditBoxRenderer
  • Touch events were not handled properly when not using the default view
  • Optimized EditBox::findCaretPosition

TGUI 0.7.2 (2 December 2016)

  • EditBox did not send a TextChanged signal when pressing ctrl+X
  • Added optional maximize and minimize buttons to ChildWindow (#61)
  • Calling Picture::setTexture yourself now works properly
  • Added optional parameter to Widget::disable to let mouse events pass through to the widgets behind it
  • ChatBox didn't scroll down automatically when size was not a multiple of item heigh
  • Clipping in ChatBox did not take padding into account
  • Mouse wheel scroll on top of combo box changed the item internally but did not display the new item
  • When ComboBox was destroyed while the list was still open then the list remained visible
  • Fixed invalid memory reads when widget gets destroyed from inside a callback function
  • Allow the ChildWindow to have maximum and minimum sizes (#64)
  • Removed support for 32-bit on OS X
  • Fixed texture rotation in some rare cases
  • Menus in MenuBar didn't stay open when the menu bar was added inside a Panel
  • Added EditBox::getCaretPosition
  • Fixed clipping issues when not using the default view
  • getAbsolutePosition no longer takes the position of the gui view into account

TGUI 0.7.1 (12 June 2016)

  • Picture can now be loaded from a part of an sf::Texture
  • Any texture in any widget can now be set to an sf::Texture
  • Optimized adding lines to ChatBox
  • You can now pass const char* directly to layout (instead of needing std::string)
  • Panel widgets can now have borders around them
  • Setting texture color did not work when using transparent widgets
  • Passing std::bind expression as parameter to the connect function did not work on VS2013
  • Fixed tab key not working for widgets inside several containers
  • Fixed crash in Signal class under specific circumstances

TGUI 0.7.0 (4 April 2016)

  • Experimental Android and iOS support
  • Layout system for relative sizes and positions
  • Rewritten callback system
  • New loading system to share theme between widgets and allow customizing loading steps
  • Exceptions are now used for error handing
  • No longer only textured widgets, also colored widgets which do not need external files
  • Many, many more changes

TGUI 0.6.10 (24 January 2016)

  • Improved vertical text alignment in ListBox
  • Fixed RadioButton images being used when CheckBox was loaded from widget file

TGUI 0.6.9 (11 July 2015)

  • Allow loading custom sections in theme files
  • Smooth scrolling in Slider and Scrollbar
  • Added setAlignment function to EditBox
  • Fixed clipping when drawing on Canvas right before drawing the gui
  • Widget was not given a parent when it was copied
  • SpinButton did not send mouse click callbacks
  • Link to Headers inside mac framework had an absolute path
  • Fixed scaling of form builder window
  • Limit the amount of visible items in the widget selector in form builder

TGUI 0.6.8 (10 May 2015)

  • Fixed segfault during handleEvent in a rare situation
  • Removed warnings in ListBox when index was too high
  • References from getWidgets and getWidgetNames should be const
  • Worked around a syntax error when using SWIG (#37)

TGUI 0.6.7 (7 February 2015)

  • Added support for frameworks on mac os x
  • Added setTextStyle and getTextStyle to Label
  • Allow widget changes before they are added to the gui
  • Completely cache theme files on first access
  • Fixed loading/saving in form builder on mac os x
  • Fixed potential crash in VS2012

TGUI 0.6.6 (21 September 2014)

  • Cache theme files for faster loading
  • Added method to load a Picture from an sf::Texture
  • You can no longer try to copy the Gui object
  • First selected newline in TextBox wasn't being copied with ctlr+c
  • Fixed variable in ListBox not being copied
  • Dragging events were not passed through container widgets
  • List from ComboBox did not shrink when removing items
  • Fixed crash when removing widget in a specific situation

TGUI 0.6.5 (13 August 2014)

  • Added FindTGUI.cmake
  • Added recursive search with widget name
  • Text can now be selected with ctrl+A
  • Lines in ChatBox can now start from bottom
  • Worked around bug in SFML 2.1 in Label
  • Fixed bug in ChatBox with displaying some lines
  • Fixed panel keeping hover state of widget
  • Fixed potential crash when removing a widget
  • Fixed bug with saving and loading in form builder

TGUI 0.6.4 (28 June 2014)

  • Improved auto-sizing of text
  • Allow rendering to a RenderTarget
  • On windows the system clipboard will be used
  • ListBox and ComboBox now have ids for their items
  • ListBox and ComboBox now have methods to change items
  • Fixed crash in TextBox when no font was set
  • Fixed crash in EditBox when LimitTextWidth was set
  • ScrollAmount now also taken into account when using the mouse wheel
  • Title text in ChildWindow wasn't vertically centered
  • Theme files edited on windows couldn't be loaded on unix
  • ListBox::setSelectedItem should move the scrollbar if needed
  • ChatBox didn't display correctly when text got split over multiple lines

TGUI 0.6.3 (11 April 2014)

  • Added canvas widget to render sfml inbetween tgui widgets
  • Add a function to TextBox to make it read-only
  • Clipboard calculations didn't take viewport into account
  • Fixed Tab text being wrongly clipped when tab width is too small
  • BabyBlue theme didn't use correct EditBox images
  • SharedWidgetPtr class was lacking a working == and != operator

TGUI 0.6.2 (14 March 2014)

  • Fixed potential bug in setMaximum and setMinimum in Slider and Knob
  • Fixed Knob widget not being displayed correctly when scaled
  • Fixed invisible title bar of child window when setSize was not called

TGUI 0.6.1 (9 February 2014)

  • Made several fixes to Scrollbar
  • Checkbox now inherits from RadioButton instead of the other way around
  • Text was also being selected in TextBox when clicking on the scrollbar
  • Some fonts didn't display all lines in ChatBox
  • Allow setting a default text color in ChatBox and passing different parameters to addLine
  • Allow setting the line spacing in ChatBox
  • Added a resetView parameter to handleEvent and set the default value on true (for draw function as well)
  • Implemented getFullSize and thus changed behavior of getSize
  • The TabKeyUsageEnabled property should now be accessed through a function call
  • Implemented setResourcePath function to load everything from a relative path
  • Support clang on linux

TGUI 0.6.0 (16 January 2014)

  • Many things changed, no list of changes was maintained.

TGUI 0.5.2 (17 May 2013)

  • Added ChatBox class.
  • Fixed a bug in LoadingBar when minimum wasn't 0.
  • Fixed a bug in slider when calling setVerticalScroll after setSize.

TGUI 0.5.1 (8 February 2013)

  • Added support for changing the title alignment in ChildWindow.
  • Fixed a minor bug with unfocusing objects.
  • Fixed a small bug in the CMake script.

TGUI 0.5.0 (23 December 2012)

  • New objects: ChildWindow, AnimatedPicture, SpinButton, Tab, Grid and more.
  • Changed the add, get and copy functions from Group. This allows creating custom objects.
  • Serious speed increase, especially with many objects or with ListBox, ComboBox and Label.
  • ComboBox::load now also takes the height as parameter.
  • EditBox and TextBox take the selection point color as extra parameter in changeColors.
  • Improved documentation and tutorials.
  • Panel can optionally load a background image.
  • Objects in panel can now be focused with the tab key.
  • You can now choose to only draw part of the label.
  • Label has an optional background color.
  • Double clicking in EditBox and TextBox now selects the text.
  • Panel and ChildWindow can also load their objects from the Object Files.
  • You can choose to disable the tab key usage.
  • An easy install script was added for linux users.
  • A LoadingBar can now have text on top of it.
  • Callback now contains a pointer to the object.
  • Unicode support through the use of sf::String.
  • Many bug fixes.

TGUI 0.4.2 (16 July 2012)

  • Bug fix: ComboBox wasn't responding correctly when scaled.
  • Bug fix: ComboBox wasn't rendered correctly when using a scrollbar.

TGUI 0.4.1 (15 July 2012)

  • Bug fix: Slider caused a runtime error on windows.
  • Bug fix: Objects didn't behave correctly when the view was changed.
  • Bug fix: When all the objects were hidding, the first one was still drawn.

TGUI 0.4.0 (13 July 2012)

  • New objects: Panel, TextBox and SpriteSheet.
  • Objects can be moved to the back or to the front.
  • Scrolling in listbox has been improved (you can now set the scrollbar between two items).
  • The images used in Checkbox can now have a different size.
  • Hover images no longer have to be semi-transparent.
  • Text width can now be limited in EditBox.
  • A maximum item limit was added in ComboBox.
  • You can now disable objects.
  • Many bug fixes.

TGUI 0.3.7 (5 April 2012)

  • Mac OS X is now supported (no libraries yet, but the source code can be used)
  • Changing the global font no longer changes the font of already existing objects.
  • You can now change the global font directly, the setGlobalFont function was removed.
  • All objects now have a getSize and getScaledSize function.
  • Label now sends a callback on click.
  • You have an option too keep the scrollbar visible, even if you can't scroll.
  • Bug fix: The getText function of EditBox returned a sf::String instead of an std::string.
  • Bug fix: Arrow keys were not repeated in EditBox.
  • Bug fix: Texture rect was not updated when calling the load function again.
  • Bug fix: Callback from Picture didn't work with scaling.
  • Bug fix: EditBox and ListBox hung when image was too small.
  • Bug fix: Alpha value in colors was sometimes wrong.
  • Bug fix: The displayed text in EditBox was wrong when calling setMaximumCharacters.
  • Bug fix: ComboBox caused a crash when image was too small.

TGUI 0.3.6 (13 March 2012)

  • A new object: Label.
  • Bug fix: The draw function was overriding the one from sfml, it is now called drawGUI.

TGUI 0.3.5 (12 March 2012)

  • The 'm_' prefix was dropped on public members.
  • Picture now has a click callback.
  • The background color of the selected text is now different when the EditBox is not focused.
  • EditBox now also sends a callback when the return key was pressed.
  • A new object: Panel.
  • Bug fix: The text on the button was sometimes blurry with fixed text size.
  • Bug fix: The arrow of ComboBox kept pointing down when the list was shown.

TGUI 0.3.4 (10 March 2012)

  • setSize function added to all gui objects. It is recommended over the SetScale function.
  • You can now change the font of EditBox, ListBox and ComboBox.
  • A setGlobalFont function was added to Panel (also to Window) to set the font of all the objects.
  • You can now add CallbackID to any object that is loaded from a file.
  • A horizontal scrollbar has been added.
  • Bug fix: Objects behind a picture still received events.
  • Bug fix: Thumb position of Scrollbar was wrong while scaling.
  • Bug fix: The program crashed after calling removeAllObjects.

TGUI 0.3.3 (6 March 2012)

  • Scrolling was added in EditBox, there is no more text width limit by default.
  • You can now get the colors that are used in EditBox, Listbox and ComboBox.
  • You can now select an item in ListBox with the new setSelectedItem function.
  • You can now use the scrollbar.
  • Panels can now be used, which means that you can create multiple groups of linked radio buttons.
  • You can now load all the objects (except Panel) from a file.
  • Except for the .lib and .so files, I have included .a files.
  • Bug fix: You couldn't call setBorders after setText in EditBox.
  • Bug fix: Changing the maximum items and the item height in ListBox didn't work properly.
  • Bug fix: Scrollbar didn't receive the mouse up event when releasing the mouse on ListBox.
  • Bug fix: Calling a load function with an empty string made the program crash.

TGUI 0.3.2 (20 February 2012)

  • ComboBox was added
  • Bug fixes in EditBox, ListBox and Scrollbar

TGUI 0.3.1 (15 February 2012)

  • Namespace was changed to lowercase.
  • A setVerticalScroll function for changing m_VerticalScroll indirectly.
  • Changed the name from setTextColors to changeColors inside EditBox to conform with the ListBox.
  • Small bug fixes in EditBox and Listbox.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of scrollbar.
  • Colors of objects were changed to fit better with each other.

TGUI 0.3.0 (12 February 2012)

  • First public release.