TGUI  0.10-beta
tgui::Rect< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for tgui::Rect< T >, including all inherited members.

contains(const Vector2< T > &pos) consttgui::Rect< T >inline
getPosition() consttgui::Rect< T >inline
getSize() consttgui::Rect< T >inline
heighttgui::Rect< T >
intersects(const Rect< T > &rect) consttgui::Rect< T >inline
lefttgui::Rect< T >
operator sf::Rect< T >() consttgui::Rect< T >inlineexplicit
Rect()=defaulttgui::Rect< T >
Rect(const Rect< U > &rect)tgui::Rect< T >inlineexplicit
Rect(sf::Rect< T > rect)tgui::Rect< T >inlineexplicit
Rect(T rectLeft, T rectTop, T rectWidth, T rectHeight)tgui::Rect< T >inline
Rect(Vector2< T > position, Vector2< T > size)tgui::Rect< T >inline
setPosition(Vector2< T > position)tgui::Rect< T >inline
setSize(Vector2< T > size)tgui::Rect< T >inline
toptgui::Rect< T >
widthtgui::Rect< T >