Accessing renderer properties

Every widget has a renderer which contains the properties of how the widget should look (e.g. background and text color).

The widgets all have a getRenderer() method which will return a pointer to the renderer. The renderer returned by this function will have setters and getters for the properties available for that particular type of widget (i.e. the renderer of a list box has different functions than the one from a button).

auto slider = tgui::Slider::create();
sf::Color thumbColor = slider->getRenderer()->getThumbColor();

You can use the documentation to find which renderer properties exist. For the renderer properties of a widget of type Slider, you would have to look up the SliderRenderer class.

Sharing renderers

Renderers (which typically come from themes) are shared by default. If the theme (or the renderer which represents the theme) is changed, all widgets using the renderer will be updated. When widget->getRenderer() is called, the widget will however switch to a local copy of the renderer. If you want to access the renderer that is shared between the widgets then you must use widget->getSharedRenderer() instead.

Theme theme{"TGUI/themes/Black.txt"};

button1->getSharedRenderer()->setBackgroundColor(sf::Color::Red); // Changes button2 too
button1->getRenderer()->setBackgroundColor(sf::Color::Green); // Does not affect button2
button1->getSharedRenderer()->setBackgroundColor(sf::Color::Blue); // Does not affect button2, relation was broken in previous line