connectEx function

TGUI 0.7 is no longer supported, use a newer TGUI version instead.

The connectEx function is provided as an alternative to the optional parameter system so that you can get information from a signal on all compilers. It will removed again in future tgui versions.

The last parameter of your connected function should be an unbound tgui::Callback. Here are two examples:

void function1(const tgui::Callback& callback)
    std::cout << "You pressed the '" << callback.text.toAnsiString() << "' button." << std::endl;

void function2(tgui::Gui& gui, tgui::Callback callback)
    std::cout << "Checked? " << std::boolalpha << callback.checked << std::endl;

button->connectEx("pressed", function);
checkbox->connectEx("checked unchecked", function2, std::ref(gui));

If you are wondering which members of the Callback class are used for the signal, you should check the documentation of the widget.