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tgui::BackendRendererSFML Class Reference

Backend renderer that uses sfml-graphics. More...

#include <TGUI/Backend/Renderer/SFML-Graphics/BackendRendererSFML.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tgui::BackendRendererSFML:

Public Member Functions

 BackendRendererSFML ()
 Default constructor.
TGUI_NODISCARD std::shared_ptr< BackendTexturecreateTexture () override
 Creates a new empty texture object.
TGUI_NODISCARD unsigned int getMaximumTextureSize () override
 Get the maximum allowed texture size.
- Public Member Functions inherited from tgui::BackendRenderer
virtual ~BackendRenderer ()=default
 Virtual destructor.
virtual TGUI_NODISCARD std::shared_ptr< BackendTextcreateText ()
 Creates a new empty text object.

Detailed Description

Backend renderer that uses sfml-graphics.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createTexture()

TGUI_NODISCARD std::shared_ptr< BackendTexture > tgui::BackendRendererSFML::createTexture ( )

Creates a new empty texture object.

Shared pointer to a new texture object

Implements tgui::BackendRenderer.

◆ getMaximumTextureSize()

TGUI_NODISCARD unsigned int tgui::BackendRendererSFML::getMaximumTextureSize ( )

Get the maximum allowed texture size.

Maximum width and height that you should try to use in a single texture

This maximum size is defined by the graphics driver. Most likely this will return 8192 or 16384.

Implements tgui::BackendRenderer.

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