TGUI  1.3-dev
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Ctgui::AbsoluteOrRelativeValueClass to store the a value that is either a constant or a ratio
 Ctgui::BackendBase class for the backend
 Ctgui::BackendFontBase class for font implementations that depend on the backend
 Ctgui::BackendFontFactoryBase class for the font factory that is responsible for creating a font object specific to the font backend
 Ctgui::BackendGuiBase class for the Gui
 Ctgui::BackendRendererBase class for the backend renderer, which is responsible for creating text and texture objects
 Ctgui::BackendRenderTargetBase class for render targets
 Ctgui::BackendTextBase class for text implementations that depend on the backend
 Ctgui::BackendTextureBase class for texture implementations that depend on the backend
 Ctgui::BaseThemeLoaderBase class for theme loader implementations
 Ctgui::Text::BlueprintDescribes a text piece, before turning it into an actual Text object
 Ctgui::ColorWrapper for colors
 Ctgui::TreeView::ConstNodeRead-only node representation used by getNode and getNodes
 Ctgui::CopiedSharedPtr< WidgetType >
 Ctgui::CopiedSharedPtr< tgui::Button >
 Ctgui::CopiedSharedPtr< tgui::Group >
 Ctgui::CopiedSharedPtr< tgui::ScrollbarChildWidget >
 Ctgui::CursorClass that allows the cursor to be changed
 Ctgui::DefaultBackendWindowThis class abstracts the backend-specific window and gui creation code
 Ctgui::DeserializerDeserializes a settable property
 Ctgui::DurationWrapper for durations
 Ctgui::Filesystem::FileInfoInformation about a file or directory, used to return data from the listFilesInDirectory function
 Ctgui::FilesystemHelper functionality for filesystem access
 Ctgui::FontWrapper around the backend-specific font. All copies of the font will share the same internal font resource
 Ctgui::FontGlyphInformation about a glyph in the font
 Ctgui::MenuBar::GetMenusElementUsed for return value of getMenus
 Ctgui::ImageLoaderClass that is internally used to load an image from a file or from memory
 Ctgui::Event::KeyEventKeyPressed event parameters
 Ctgui::LayoutClass to store the left, top, width or height of a widget
 Ctgui::Layout2dClass to store the position or size of a widget
 Ctgui::Event::MouseButtonEventMouseButtonPressed/MouseButtonReleased events parameters
 Ctgui::Event::MouseMoveEventMouseMoved event parameters
 Ctgui::Event::MouseWheelEventMouseWheelScrolled events parameters
 Ctgui::TreeView::NodeInternal representation of a node
 Ctgui::ObjectConverterImplicit converter for settable properties
 Ctgui::Filesystem::PathObject to represent paths on a filesystem
 Ctgui::Rect< T >
 Ctgui::Rect< float >
 Ctgui::Rect< unsigned int >
 Ctgui::RelFloatRectFloatRect that can contain absolute values or values relative to the parent size
 Ctgui::RendererDataShared data used in renderer classes
 Ctgui::RenderStatesStates used for drawing
 Ctgui::SerializerSerializes an settable property
 Ctgui::SignalSignal to which the user can subscribe to get callbacks from
 Ctgui::Event::SizeEventResized events parameters
 Ctgui::StringWrapper class to store strings
 Ctgui::TextBackend-independent wrapper around the backend-specific text class
 Ctgui::Event::TextEventTextEntered event parameters
 Ctgui::TextStylesWrapper for text styles
 Ctgui::TextureTexture wrapper that internally reuses resources when multiple Texture objects are loaded from the same file
 Ctgui::ThemeThis class can be used to manage the widget renderers
 Ctgui::ToolTipInterface to set the settings for the tool tips
 Ctgui::TransformDefines a transform matrix
 Ctgui::EditBox::ValidatorPredefined input validators
 Ctgui::Variant< Types >
 Ctgui::Variant< tgui::String, tgui::Font, tgui::Color, tgui::Outline, bool, float, tgui::Texture, tgui::TextStyles, std::shared_ptr< tgui::RendererData > >
 Ctgui::Vector2< T >
 Ctgui::Vector2< float >
 Ctgui::Vector2< int >
 Ctgui::Vector2< std::size_t >
 Ctgui::Vector2< tgui::AbsoluteOrRelativeValue >
 Ctgui::Vector2< unsigned int >
 Ctgui::WidgetRendererBase class for all renderer classes
 Ctgui::WindowsIMMDynamically loads and uses imm32.dll on Windows to control the IME
 Cshared_ptr< tgui::Button >
 Cshared_ptr< tgui::Group >
 Cshared_ptr< tgui::ScrollbarChildWidget >